Whats WEEB Trash?

Well, it’s a long story…

TLDR; Medium sucks.

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Hey there, you effervescent sunflowers. This is Kira Leigh, coming at you with an explanation for this weirdness. The reason for this ‘weirdness’ is simple: content creators need to take back control of their online presence; the web needs to get weird again.

i am weeb trash and im ok with this

That means ditching platforms that tether our earned audiences behind paywalls, lock us into spending money to reach you lovely people, sell audience data, and dictate what and how we make what we make.

Furthermore, this ‘weirdness’ exists because I’m Trying To Do A Thing.

You see, I am a content creator at heart. I freelance because I have to, not because it’s in my blood. I know what I know because I like learning and teaching, not because I want to help run Ad campaigns for brands.

I want to be unhindered and I really think I’m in the position to do it. I want to provide you with all the entertainment, knowledge, biz tips, freelance tricks, thought-pieces, and expansive guides I can.

I also want to run an enterprising publication just for sassy nerds to write the good writes, and get paid for that as well. No fucking exposure bucks.

However, in order to do that, and do it properly, with no barriers to my time and energy, I have to get out of the freelance game.

That’s where you come in.

But Kira…what about Medium/Patreon/Blah?

The options content creators and writers have for monetization suck ass. As for Medium.com, the only way to get paid for your writing on that site is to get featured, which is arbitrarily decided and if you’ve been featured once, you’ll get it again. That’s no bueno and reeks of bias.

Also, to even get featured, you have to lock your stuff behind a pay wall. I don’t want to do this to my audience; you deserve better.

Concerning any other platform: I do not want peoples’ ads anywhere near the articles you want to read, and videos you want to see.

I don’t want to force you into paywalls.

I don’t want to force advertisements all over my blog.

I don’t want to put you into an email funnel.

I don’t want to make Patreon promises that I know I will flounder on, because the only thing I’m sincerely good at is chasing my weird creative dragon all over the internet.

So what’s the best course of action?

The best course of action is to just…ask. Ask that you take the time to share this website with others, and if possible, throw me some Kudos. I get it; nobody really wants to pay for content, not really. They don’t want to be asked to share links; it’s pushy.

They don’t want to have one more website they have to keep up with; there are so many, and it’s super annoying.

Especially right now [the world is sort of…ending and there are millions of other things to think about].

But I’m going to ask you to take a gander at my blog, read some stuff, and share. And, if it’s possible to throw me some love, if you want to, I’d really appreciate that.

So that I can make cool stuff, for you, forever, and not have to worry about wielding my creativity for anyone else but you and me.

How you can help me reach my goal of prime nerdom:

If you’re into this, please throw me some Kudos. You are not required to do this.

If you want to write some guest posts, you can HMU on LinkedIn, and we can work something out where you also get paid for your work.

That is going to take people sending Kudos though, so let’s see how it goes.

We need less ‘brand internet’, and more ‘people doing things they love’.

I’m trying to do that, and I hope you’ll support me.

We need to go back to when the web was super weird, and people had crazy Angelfire shrines. We need to actually support small, independent creators and writers. We need to link to sister sites, just because we want to. We need to embrace doing our own thing again.

Only then will we wrestle our fam from the clutches of social media madness, without restrictions or boundaries.

To wit; if you want me to link to your website and claim it as my sister site, I would love to do that and feature it on the homepage.

Just send me a LinkedIn message, and let’s get our movement rolling.

I hope you enjoy what I make, and maybe take a moment to share my stuff and subscribe. No pressure though, okay?

I just wanna’ do this full-time in the future, even if it takes me 20 years to get there. I am very, very stubborn.


Kira Leigh

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