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Make Monday Awesome With These 9 Insane Tracks

If you know anything about me, it’s that I’m a huge music nerd. Not like people who are all “OMG music is my LIFE”, but like those who date musicians and sit there obsessing about aural texture and vocal tonality.

I truly believe that music can bring the world together (even goofy anime soundtracks), if only we just tried.

I also believe that Mondays should be abolished, and everyone should have a 3 day weekend. In fact, I think the work-week should just be 3 days long in total, honestly. We work to live not live to work, right?

In any case, I wanted to share with you some tracks that pump me up when I need to power-through a Manic Monday.

I’m going to divide them into different tech-homey and freelancer woes to prescribe you the best bangers for your current Monday Meltdowns.

Michael Fritzius of LinkedIn says I consistently deliver music that gets stuck in his head, so at least trust my recommendations to appeal to exactly 1 person.

Here we go:

When you need to deal with difficult clients, these songs deliver:

When you need something that spins you into a feeling of irreverent rebellion, look to Girli. The Brit-based punk-pop queen has dabbled in PC music, punk, pop, dance hits, techno, and more.

She’s absolutely one of my fave musicians, and is bringing back the 90s and 00s with her “Odd One Out” album in such a big way it makes my heart sing.

The track below is certifiably the go-to for “deal with it” attitude. Which sometimes you need when clients be actin’ rachet:

When your “party hard feels” haven’t yeeted themselves this fine Monday morning, Heartsrevolution‘s “Kishi Kaisei” keeps you coasting on that vibe.

It’s a buoyant / glittery / techno-bop with plenty of censored F-bombs, all wrapped up in the saccharine package of pseudo J-Pop. The best part about this song is honestly the F-bombs.

Give me cuss-words in pink-and-glitter pop music, all day, every day. That’s kind of how it feels when you deal with a particularly difficult client:

I’mma be nice, but y’all gonna’ have to let me f*cking party first, aight?

Another one of my all-time faves is the band Fever Ray. This is an entirely different flavor than the prior two songs; deep and moody for when you need to channel your inner demon.

You’ll recognize the vocals instantly; The Knife‘s singer went off and had an auditory adventure. The results brim with power, shock through your senses, and can help you reframe your energy.

I know that sounds like the dippiest, hippiest thing you’ve ever heard. And it is; describing music is probably the closest you’ll ever hear me dabble in spiritualism, but it’s true.

Center your ass before you freak out at somebody, blast “If I Had A Heart” with the bass up as loud as possible, and let the song move through you. I hated even writing that, but it’s legit.

When you have to code like you’re the energizer bunny on crack, check out these tunes:

Another favorite of mine, because this is a list of favorite music that fuels my workflow (obviously), is Kero Kero Bonito. This band also dabbles in PC music, pop-punk, and irreverent J-Pop inspired tunes.

But there’s something different about this particular, particular song, where “work jams” are concerned. Something I can’t quite place my finger on.

I’ve literally crafted at least 3 websites with “Sick Beat” on repeat and nothing else.

Now, I’m pretty sure tons of programmers and code monkeys are into Metal, but we’re not Metal Heads on my Christian Weeb Trash Server. Pop music only (JK).

When you think “work music” you probably either think classical, or something with a fast, frenetic beat. The thing is, you can also listen to chill things, fun things, and goofy things.

Chill, fun, and goofy is Jack Stauber personified. He’s another favorite. All his songs feature extremely interesting textures, samples, blips and bloops, that mix together to form pop music that’s stranger than fiction.

Give Jack’s “Two Time” a chance when you’re trying to wind down, or need something mellow to get you through the code-pocalypse.

Do you need a techno track that keeps your work on beat, and helps you hammer out lines of code so fast it blasts your fingers apart? Look to various Yelle remixes; namely Tepr‘s “A Cause des Garcons” remix.

It’s a plodding, energetic, demanding track; which is just what coding is: plodding, demanding, and requiring of a lot of energy.

But it gives you this, it doesn’t take it away. It gives you the beat-track to keep on typing like a motherfucker. To help you push through. To help you hit your deadlines.

When your project is starting to hit “go time” and you need some vitality, here’s what you listen to:

When you’re absolutely stuck on copywriting, snag these ethereal tracks:

Plenty of copywriting masters are going to want to hit the “classical” genre when they write up some marketing copy, articles, or social posts. Here’s the thing though: you need creative brainjuice to do all of this.

What’s one great way to snag some creativity? Dip into something that sounds like heaven on earth. And who’s better than Grimes at making musical textures sound ethereal, and still timely? Nobody, that’s who.

When you’re stuck with your writing, you’re having writer’s block, or the words just won’t come to you, plenty of copywriters and writers alike get down on themselves.

You don’t have to do that. And the easiest way to understand this, sometimes, is when you see yourself in others.

Florence Welch has the same problems we creatives have; writer’s block, stress, anxiety, and all that shabingo. But when she gets stuck, she makes things. You can do that too, you know.

Let her help; her entire Ceremonials album is filled to the brim with creative discovery, and her journey towards a healthier musical being. Her truth can help you find your own.

Florence + The Machine helps you keep your head up high with this ethereal, self-caring, expansive melody.

I’m an avid fan of J-Pop, but it has to have a bit of presence behind it. Utada Hikaru is a great singer, but she’s not a novel creative. Ayumi Hamasaki is fun, but she doesn’t make soundscapes that literally destroy me.

Check out Sheena Ringo for that, a musician that the West probably forgot about when Japanese record labels threw a fit and downed everything on Youtube. The range of genres she employs if pretty unfathomable, but I’ll always be partial to her 90s rock-stuff.

ハツコイ娼女 is definitely one of my favorite tracks, and for good reason; it’s repetitive in a calming way, it’s uniquely layered, and feels ever-so-hopeful. For the life of me, I don’t know what she’s saying, but that doesn’t quite matter.

Translations of her songs died a long time ago, with the actual J-Pop fanbase. Trust in me that this tune is very helpful for freeing up your creativity so you can do what you do best: write!

Hopefully these tracks can help you make your Monday magical.

And if they don’t, ask me for more recommendations.

I’m sure I have something you’ll like!

My mission on this planet is to get people into things that are awesome. To share knowledge with them, whether it’s expert marketing tips, the best anime of all time, sick video games they should play, or otherwise.

All I’m really meant to do—my lifelong goal—is to give people new things to think about, appreciate, learn, and love.

Let me know if any of these tracks inspire you, and if not, give me the chance to find you just what you’re looking for.

I promise, I’ll always do my best to delight.

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