What's WeebTrash.Ga, Anyways?

What’s WeebTrash.Ga, Anyways?

Hey there. I’m Kira Leigh, a weebish dorky anime girl nerd who also runs a small digital agency known as THERE IS NO DESIGN.

I’ve been a top tech Medium writer for a long time, but I’ve found I don’t quite have a niche on the platform for anime blog articles.

I also don’t know where in God’s name I’d smack my entertainment articles, and as Medium has become increasing infuriating with their paywall, it seemed like a good time to branch out.

Here you’ll get my unfiltered, dorkish, most bombastic articles (the ones that don’t really belong elsewhere.)

If you’d like to subscribe, that’d be hella sweet, but no stress on that.

I hope you enjoy reading my work, and if you love what I do, make sure to subscribe!


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